Track Time & Attendance with Touchless Biometric Attendance System at office premises or for the feet-on-street workforce. Go touchless with contactless iris recognition and authentication based attendance system for your company and prevent the spread of contagion by avoiding any physical contact with the biometric scanner.

Working together, ApnaPay’s Touchless Biometric Attendance System helps the organisations in upgrading to future-ready technologies, that ensures better efficiency, higher accuracy and zero contact while marking attendance.

ApnaPay provides a highly customizable and open platform for easy integration of existing applications or software with ApnaPay’s Iris-based Authentication Suit.


Product Features

Higher Accuracy

Providing a rapid and accurate way to track attendance using best in class FPC‘s in-built iris scanner, identifying iris even with gazing-away eyes, specs, cataracts, narrowed eyelids. Also, providing an edge over the facial recognition technology by recognizing the person even with a face mask on.

STQC Certified

STQC certified and UIDAI authorized Iris authentication with FPC‘s in-built iris scanner, to ensure the complete security of every transaction. Aadhaar-enabled Attendance System is also available for Government Departments and Banks to authenticate the employees using Aadhaar.

Smart Card Reader

Bringing an integrated attendance platform for the office premises with two input options – Smart Card Reader and Iris Scanner. Employees can mark their attendance using a simple iris scan or just tapping their respective Smart Cards on the hardware.

Touchless Recognition

In order to combat the ongoing pandemic and eliminate the physical contact, ApnaPay came up with a fully touchless recognition solution for offices to track attendance. A person standing at a distance can also be recognized by the iris scanner with much ease.