An Integrated Business Suite

Run your entire business on a single smart POS machine and manage sales, purchases, inventory, reporting, compliance and GST filing with so much ease like never before. ApnaPay’s handheld android mPOS delivers a seamless experience with a complete business application suite for small & medium businesses minus the complexity of ERP application, taking your business to a next level.

POS was never more easy

Transact from the Terminal

ApnaPay POS interface makes it easy for your staff to perform daily sales, purchase & omnichannel payment transactions. Scale POS software across stores, locations, users securely while operating one or many LoB’s.

Maintain optimal stock balance

Establish and maintain optimal target inventory levels for each item in each stocking location. Know what you need to restock and get alerted in advance on reaching the threshold levels.

Analyse on Cloud

Get real time analytics on your retail operations across geographies, stores & locations at click of button. Login into your secure cloud and accomplish business efficiencies better than your competition.

GST filing made simple & easy

ApnaPay Cloud compiles every sale & purchase transaction across your business and provides you with monthly compiled data for you to file your GST returns. You can directly access GSP page and find your transactions pre-populated and ready for submission, at no additional charge!

Digital India Payments


Smart invoices for your customers with items and payment information combined printed directly from terminal or sent via email/ SMS.

Digital India Payments


Maintain and monitor real-time inventory levels across locations and outlets with ApnaPay’s pos machine without being physically present at the store.

Digital India payments


Select products or scan barcodes, apply discount, receive payment and print receipt (or send an e-receipt) – all done in less than 20 seconds.

Digital India Payments


Unlike the old school EDC machine, this next gen POS allows you to accept payments through AEPS, UPI, mobile wallets and debit/credit cards, seamlessly.

Digital India Payments


Streamline your purchases and apply auto-replenishment rules to maintain appropriate stock balances across locations and outlets.

Digital India Payments


Maintain and run multiple outlets and see real numbers across outlets, staff in real-time, even when you’re not in store. Easily access the dashboard to view real-time sales report.


Enable Digital Payments at delivery. No more reconciling cash transactions and receive payments directly into your corporate account, in real time!

Digital India Payments


Enable complete sales force automation and retain your customer records to offer discounts/promotions or extend customer loyalty programmes if you so choose to!


Every transaction you choose to make on the device is encrypted as per industry standard PCI Data Security Standards. We value security and our POS machine is certified for both hardware & software.

Digital India Payments

Mutli location

GPS enabled POS machine not only understands which location and outlet it is tied to, but also Geo-Coordinates of each payment transaction making it perfect choice for payment on delivery scenarios.

DigitalIndia Payments


Successfully maintain centralized supplier database and see all the transactions and values provided by each of your suppliers in the process.

Digital India Payments


Reliable, scalable and maintainable application for you to harness the true potential of the Enterprise Cloud by scaling across millions of stores across the enterprise.


Get compiled sale & purchase transaction data across your business for you to file accurate & timely GST submissions via the POS itself, at no additional cost.

Customer Support

Digital India Payment

Assisted Onboarding

Get in touch with one of ApnaPay’s authorized dealer and receive assisted on-boarding. Bringing your inventory information into our device is practically a day’s task.

Chat to our Customer Success Manager

Want to explore how you can run your business better with ApnaPay? Get in touch with our Customer Success Managers at ease of WhatsApp, Chatbot or a call.

24*7 Operational Readiness

Automate business processes, manage sales, make your work easier and run round the clock operations with ApnaPay cloud suite.

Digital India Payments

Infinite Scalability

Keep adding ApnaPay terminals as you expand your business. Your business suite keep tracks of all locations, outlets and transactions in single repository without you need to worry on scalability issues, ever!


Payment Suite


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Business Suite


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Customer Success

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