ApnaPay Alliance Partner Programs

Delivering Integrated Payment Management Solutions

ApnaPay Alliance Partners are tiered based on a market offerings and domain strengths of our partners. ApnaPay opens up lucrative business opportunities for partners who align with our ecosystem be it in form of ApnaPay distributor model, ApnaPay Importers or Application development partners who deliver complete business solutions to specific industry verticals based on ApnaPay technology platform and hardware.Delivering Integrated Payment Management Solutions Partners are stacked strengths in industry, verticals, and horizontal offerings. Based on these criteria, ApnaPay identifies partners in each region to prioritize for each sales engagement. Partners with domain strengths and IP that give the customer the most complete solution are identified as highest tier partners and are eligible for ApnaPay platform access to develop industry specific solutions.

Solution Provider

ApnaPay Authorized Distributor

Expand the value your firm delivers to clients by providing complete business suite and payment platform to your customers and enabling them to get ready for a Digital India. ApnaPay product stack provides a compelling value preposition your customers. Speak with our Alliance Desk to know more


   Offer market leading Payments Suite or Business Suite and leverage on our business applications expertise to ensure that your customers generate higher revenue and healthy bottom-line.

   Provide your customers with unique business opportunity to save money on credit card MDR and earn Government of India approved cashbacks by using UPI based payments.

 ✓    Improve your brand reputation by directing clients to a modern mPOS solution than the dumb EDC machine, which can save your customer thousands of rupees in ongoing costs, all while streamlining their business.

✓    Earn professional services fee by not only selling but helping your customers onboard this unique POS solution. What’s more? You not only earn one time but every month from same customer, forever!

   Ramp up quickly with training via ApnaPay Channels Enablement and get access to loads of marketing & content that will entice your customers and open new conversations.

ERP / POS Integrated Application Providers

Quickly scale and offer a complete ERP / POS solution with integrated ApnaPay Payments platform by leveraging our technology and integrating within your application set. Our Integrated Solution Provider Program offers a new opportunity to grow your business, earn recurring revenue and provide differentiated business solutions.


✓    Offer integrated Payments Suite and leverage on your existing application allowing your customers generate higher revenue and healthy bottom-line.

   Provide your customers with unique business opportunity to save hundred of thousands on credit card MDR.

   Improve your brand reputation by providing clients a modern and integrated business solution and streamlining their business.

✓    Get access to ApnaPay technology and API’s and have the opportunities to grow into ApnaPay platform Partner !

ApnaPay Platform Partner

Cloud computing is the leading SME adoption and ApnaPay is at the front of technology curve with unique solutions. ApnaPay Platform Partner provider offers tremendous opportunities to grow your business as digital India shines.


✓    Align with market leader in POS / Payments to leverage your applications development expertise and ensure that your customers benefit from Digital Payments.

✓    Earn true recurring revenue with industry-leading margins while partnering with the only payments solution provider that delivers true end-to-end technology partnering.

    Get access to ApnaPay sales & marketing channels and leverage on our distribution network to sell your applications !