“Ayushmaan Bharat”

Significant changes are redefining Indian healthcare with the government leading the technology direction. The industry that has stayed out of regulatory landscape need to adapt to escalating compliance pressure to cater and work within new government directive. To adapt in this new environment, healthcare organizations must be able to identify and authenticate patient records in real time to be able to both serve and leverage this new untapped potential market.

ApnaPay’s cloud-based Authentication suite, enables realtime eKYC and confirms patient Adhaar against national UIDAI database.


   Improved Transparency

No more the requirement to maintain paper-based transaction trail against each patient data and reconcile with Insurers. ApnaPay Authentication solution maintains the electronic transactional log of each patient and maintains complete transparency for any audit compliance.

   Adapt to the changing healthcare landscape

Configure your own processes, workflows, and compliance needs unique to your requirements—and change them when you are required to.

   Seemless reporting and compliance

ApnaPay simplifies compliance by maintaining electronic transaction logs for each eKYC, supporting internal controls and enabling accurate, real-time reporting.

   Improve customer service

Gain a real-time, iris based eKYC transaction done under 10 seconds with the inbuilt iris scanner. Suitable for emergency wards as well

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