Smart City Transportation Solutions

Modern transport to connect not only people but processes with omnichannel payments, real-time bus arrival & seating capacity info for passengers, route & peak hour optimization possibilities, all on single handheld POS machine. ApnaPay Transportation Solutions levels the playing field by providing a solution that sets your business up for success from Day One.

Smart Ticketing on the Go !

GPS aware, real time, instantaneous payments

Accept instantaneous payments into your corporate account and reconcile each ticket issued via terminal against route, pax, bus and GPS location. Eliminates cash and revenue leakage from the process. Control and change fare rules from central location and take the manual intervention out of process.

Elevate Passenger Service

Location aware bus arrival time, seating availability on passenger mobile app

Offer your Smart City residents with mobile app to find bus routes, location aware bus arrival timings and seat availability on each and every coach. ApnaPay frees you to focus on innovation that helps you elevate service levels for your customer rather than worrying technology.

Transport Optimization

Beat your competition withNext Gen Automation

Consumers today want it all. They don’t just want transport, but fast transport at the time they need. Monitor in real time and analyse historic trends based on actual ticket issuance to optimize routes and rush hour requirements of your customers.

PDS for the last mile

Building a leakage proof ecosystem for public distribution ensuring government benefits reach the right recipients and the ones intended. Not only does it take the pilferage out of equation but optimize replenishment based on actual demands and sessional consumption trends.


eKYC for every sale transaction

Authenticate every recipient against sale via iris scan base eKYC through inbuilt iris scanner and control quantity allocation while also analyzing beneficiary reach across regions. Right product, right quantity and to the right person!

Budget, Forecast and Manage

Stop pilferage and wastage

Leverage historic consumption trends and seasonal variations to guide what to procure and reconcile against shelf life to optimize and minimize wastage. Bringing not only pilferage but also wastage to end !

Optimize Distribution Requirement Planning

Optimizing the Supply chain with real time data

ApnaPay gives you a global view of your entire inventory, regardless of where it is and who it’s being consumed by. Leverage the same to optimize your Distribution Requirement Planning (DRP) for multi-location inventory.