cash-at-pos Digital PaymentsPoint of Sale
June 21, 2019

Need of Cash for driving Cash-less

Cash is the primary mode of payment or other financial exchanges for a large portion of the ecosystem. Mainly because cash gives direct control over one’s money. It is a…
POS features Point of Sale
June 8, 2019

8 features to look for in every Retail POS

Gone are the days when the store owners have to sit back with pen and notepad to manually keep a record of all the sale, purchases, cash-in and outs,  and…
iris-scanner-capture BiometricsDigital Payments
May 17, 2019

Biometrics: A new archetype for Payments

What does the future of the payments industry hold for this year? Advanced technologies and growing consumer preferences and behaviors have laid the foundations for an exciting 2019. Biometrics authentication…