Micro ATM BankingBiometricsDigital Payments
August 16, 2019

Micro ATM: The next big thing in India

Being in the high-cash economy regions, more than a million Indians are scanning their fingerprints or iris and withdrawing cash at local kirana stores every day through biometric-abled payment POS…
cash-at-pos Digital PaymentsPoint of Sale
June 21, 2019

Need of Cash for driving Cash-less

Cash is the primary mode of payment or other financial exchanges for a large portion of the ecosystem. Mainly because cash gives direct control over one’s money. It is a…
POS features Point of Sale
June 8, 2019

8 features to look for in every Retail POS

Gone are the days when the store owners have to sit back with pen and notepad to manually keep a record of all the sale, purchases, cash-in and outs,  and…