cashless payment acceptance on POS device Digital PaymentsPoint of SaleRetail and Commerce
December 17, 2019

Going Cashless: A Matter of Time

Retailers and restaurants are slowly and steadily moving toward cashless operations. Debit/ credit cards and mobile wallets are replacing paper currency and coins. While futurists and sci-fi scholars have been…
digital-payment-trends Digital Payments
September 28, 2019

Digital Payments: A Growing Trend

What does future hold for the digital payments ecosystem? Some great improvements in simplicity and security of payment are already observed. Individuals are now waving their smartphones over a POS…
Micro ATM BankingBiometricsDigital Payments
August 16, 2019

Micro ATM: The next big thing in India

Being in the high-cash economy regions, more than a million Indians are scanning their fingerprints or iris and withdrawing cash at local kirana stores every day through biometric-abled payment POS…