Banking for the last mile

A revolutionary new way to bank right at customer doorstep. We make banking a whole lot easier and hassle free with our banking POS. Well, how about becoming a bank that lets your customer open an account without a trail of paperwork, signatures or branch visits!

Wait. There’s more. How about if you are able to bring your branch closer to your customer and improving the accessibility and availability to quality banking? Let your customers transact, withdraw, deposit and transfer funds without visiting your branch ever!

Instant e-KYC and Account Opening

Set up your customer’s new bank account instantly by eKYC where the user’s aadhaar card can be authenticated via iris scanner at the ApnaPay banking POS.


Give your customers an option to withdraw the amount from their bank accounts at their doorstep without waiting at the teller queues on the bank counters.


Bring banks to the homes of your customers and make effective use of technology to enable your customers to deposit money in their bank accounts sitting back at their home.


Leverage biometrics ensuring transaction security and enhancing confidence in your banking processes. Transfer funds to accounts with any of the banks on a click.

Digital India Payments

Integrated with Core Banking

ApnaPay certified switch integration ensures the transactional flow with your CBS enabling real time transaction processing when your BC interacts with field device. ApnaPay offers multiple switch integration and provides the option for you to choose your preference.

Digital India Payments

AEPS Ready

Pre integrated with UIDAI platform and AEPS ready for BC model, de-risking last mile transactions to empower a bank customer to use Aadhaar Card to access his/ her respective Aadhaar linked bank account and perform basic banking transactions.

Printed Acknowledgements

Issue instantaneous acknowledgement receipts with transaction numbers for your customers giving them proof of transaction. We also provide an option to sent e-receipts via email/ SMS.

Micro ATM

Perform all transactions conducted at regular bank ATM and other service requests like balance inquiry, bill payments, mini statements, account updates, cash-in/out and more via ApnaPay Banking POS serving as Micro ATM

Experience New Age Banking