In-Store POS

Enhance the In-Store Experience

Meet the in-store retailing needs of new age retailers with a modern POS machine that enables you to streamline and accelerate the transaction processing. With enterprise class cloud solution enabled via Universal Transaction Device, real-time inventory, GST filing and OmniChannel Payments, ApnaPay provides unified retail experience and build strong customer loyalty.


In-Store Smart POS

✓    Scan barcode and QR codes with smart mPOS.

✓    Optimize the sale with cross-location inventory visibility.

✓    Speedup checkout with integrated payment processing.

✓    Increase productivity with an easy-to-use and intuitive touch-screen interface.

✓    Offer specialized attention & service for your repeating customers.

    Completely secure with PCI-DSS certification and point-to-point encryption technology.


Automate and integrate last mile ecosystem

Working together, ApnaPay’s modern retail Point of Sale and payments platform platform enables you to bring last mile retailers / distributors into your corporate supply chain ecosystem to make it function as one giant superstore. Suddenly, you will be able to see end to end demand, supply and inventory levels across your ecosystem and optimize the procurement, supply chain & cashflow.

✓    Real Time inventory levels across dealers.

    Real time auto-replenishment from your retail store.

    Seamless, instantaneous & automated PO generation from your distribution network 

Business Impact

   Reduce Transaction Processing fee

Switch your customers on UPI payments to and avoid MDR expense and earn cashbacks

   Improve Retail Operations

Automate sales, purchase, inventory, reporting & tax filing.

   Become GST Compliant

Save time, expense & errors when preparing and filing GST submissions. Your application prepares it for you.

Inventory, Procurement,

Reporting & compliance 

Manage Inventory More Effectively

   Get real time inventory visibility across stores & locations to optimize your procurement and cashflows.

   Optimize your inventory and supply chain to speed delivery time, increase sales, improve inventory turn and deliver the products your customers want when they want them.

   Automated inventory management manages inventory balance calculations for your store operations by constantly updating every sales & purchase transaction across your stores and locations.

Procurement Management

   Receive purchase orders from all inventory locations.

✓    Fast track your instore receiving operations with barcode integration

   Generate automated PO to headquarters based on auto-replenishment and pre-set threshold levels, per SKU !


   Offer specialized attention & service for your repeating customers.

   Get Auditable trace of every transaction to reconcile with Physical Counts.

   Completely secure with PCI-DSS certification and point-to-point encryption technology.


Reporting & Compliance

✓    Get your data in Excel to run trend analysis.

✓    Manage your business with real time KPIs across stores, locations and geographies.

✓    Manage accurate compliance with GST by filing monthly submission which includes and traces each sale & purchase at individual store level.

Business Impact

    Run a Modern Business

Real-time access to performance KPI’s …. Run smart not hard !

   Become compliant

Become GST compliant and earn rebate from Government of India

✓    Expand your business with automation

Complete traceability and auditability on every transaction makes sure you think expansion not operations !