the purpose is the convey that the fingerprint based authentication is too contagious in this corona-hit times Biometrics
June 16, 2020

COVID-19 making us Rethink Authentication

With every passing hour, the world continues to tussle with the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Coronavirus pandemic has become a global calamity, leaving millions vulnerable, economies shattered, and…
cashless payment acceptance on POS device Digital PaymentsPoint of SaleRetail and Commerce
December 17, 2019

Going Cashless: A Matter of Time

Retailers and restaurants are slowly and steadily moving toward cashless operations. Debit/ credit cards and mobile wallets are replacing paper currency and coins. While futurists and sci-fi scholars have been…
digital-payment-trends Digital Payments
September 28, 2019

Digital Payments: A Growing Trend

What does future hold for the digital payments ecosystem? Some great improvements in simplicity and security of payment are already observed. Individuals are now waving their smartphones over a POS…
Micro ATM BankingBiometricsDigital Payments
August 16, 2019

Micro ATM: The next big thing in India

Being in the high-cash economy regions, more than a million Indians are scanning their fingerprints or iris and withdrawing cash at local kirana stores every day through biometric-abled payment POS…
cash-at-pos Digital PaymentsPoint of Sale
June 21, 2019

Need of Cash for driving Cash-less

Cash is the primary mode of payment or other financial exchanges for a large portion of the ecosystem. Mainly because cash gives direct control over one’s money. It is a…
POS features Point of Sale
June 8, 2019

8 features to look for in every Retail POS

Gone are the days when the store owners have to sit back with pen and notepad to manually keep a record of all the sale, purchases, cash-in and outs,  and…
iris-scanner-capture BiometricsDigital Payments
May 17, 2019

Biometrics: A new archetype for Payments

What does the future of the payments industry hold for this year? Advanced technologies and growing consumer preferences and behaviors have laid the foundations for an exciting 2019. Biometrics authentication…
Digital Banking BankingBiometricsDigital Payments
May 4, 2019

“Digital Banking” Transforming the Financial Services Industry

The significance of digital banking can be credited to its various benefits like reduced operational costs, attracting new customers, retaining old ones, and moving & staying ahead of competitors by…
cashless-society Digital Payments
April 20, 2019

4 Drivers of Cashless Society in India

Today, an increasing number of people are going digital by using less of cash, making an interest and creating a demand for alternative payment methods and opening a world of…
biometric-payments BiometricsDigital Payments
March 30, 2019

The Future of Biometrics in Payments

Card payments have consistently ascended over the last two decades, yet innovation of the card has hindered since the launch of contactless over ten years ago. In the course of…
Point of Sale
March 2, 2019

India’s POS machines market

With digital transactions picking up preference as the future of payments, POS machines market is undergoing a mature change in the recent times. Over the years, the transformation of e-commerce…
February 16, 2019

Making farming sustainable for farmers

In India, small and marginal farmers face numerous difficulties in their undertaking to engage in agriculture as an income source. Small and marginal farmers have been falling prey to mediators…
Retail and Commerce
February 2, 2019

Social Commerce:

A level-up in online retail revolution

Social media isn’t simply constrained to conversations and sharing of pictures and contemplations. In India, the e-commerce market is booming and an ever increasing number of Indians are getting online…
BankingDigital Payments
January 19, 2019

UPI and UPI 2.0

Complete end-to-end Digital India Payments Ecosystem

Digital revolution is the new ubiquity India is currently focusing on. As rightly said by Dilip Asbe, MD & CEO of NPCI, “We have a government that is focused on…
Digital Payments
January 5, 2019

Digital India Payments

Growth, Evolution and Challenges

To accomplish the goal of financial inclusion, the government is promoting Digital India Payments. Banks and fintech companies are adopting new technologies for super-fast transactions, incentivising digital payments and using…
doorstep-banking Banking
December 22, 2018

Banking for the Last-mile

Seeing banking as an establishment for human advancements may appear to be an abnormal frame of mind now. One may state that 99% of the general public views banking as…
Digital India Payment Digital PaymentsRetail and Commerce
December 8, 2018

Digital Retail: The Future of Indian Retail Sector

Technology is changing the things we once underestimated quicker than any time in recent memory. Digital wave is disturbing businesses universally. Digital disruption is accelerating development and changing conventional industry…
Digital India Payment Uncategorized
November 10, 2018

Digital India for Rural India

However, the success of digitization crucially depends on its adoption by the majority of the population living in far-flung rural areas. Without that, the result might be islands of the…
QR Codes payment Digital Payments
October 7, 2018

QR is the New Currency

In India, mobile penetration is almost 100%. Also, mobile shopping is on the rise, and many retailers are looking for new ways to let people pay in-store using their mobile phones.…
Digital India Payment BankingBiometricsDigital Payments
September 3, 2018

“Going Digital” through ApnaPay

The Digital India initiative, along with the JAM (Jan Dhan-Aadhaar-Mobile) trinity, is today the centrepiece of India’s development and inclusive growth efforts which started 4 years back with an ambitious…
Cashless-economy Digital Payments
August 2, 2018

Cost of Cash

The reason why people prefer cash is that it’s the fastest way to transact, assures exact payments and doesn’t require dependence on internet or other related infrastructure, still the government…
GST billing Machine Digital Payments
July 1, 2018

One year of GST

In a major initiative to ease the tax system of the country, the government of India launched GST on July 1, 2017, the country’s biggest indirect tax reform since the economy…